The story of the butterfly is a story of new life, new beginnings and transformation. It is a story that starts off with a caterpillar, limited to its own small environment, only able to crawl from one leaf to the next. The experience of a caterpillar is limited by how far it can crawl and how high it can climb. It’s a very uneventful life filled with the same routine every day, often just going around in circles.

After some time the instinct to make a chrysalis overcomes the caterpillar and all of a sudden it is wrapped up and enclosed in a cocoon. It doesn’t know why or what will happen to it but it knows that it needs to happen. God works His wonders and the caterpillar emerges from the chrysalis with wings and the ability to fly. What a transformation! Such freedom! This is a whole new life—from a crawling caterpillar going nowhere to a butterfly that can go anywhere. It can soar to new heights and go new places it never had dreamed it could go. That caterpillar has been compelled. It has been enveloped. It has been empowered and enlightened and finally transformed.

People are sometimes like the caterpillar. They are just going through the motions. In some cases we are just going around in circles every day, getting nowhere. But in all of us there is a desire in our hearts to know God and be with Him. We are compelled to find out who we are and why we are here and to find God. God has given us a beautiful chrysalis in the form of the WATCH program. Through it God works His wonders. People are wrapped in God’s word, His love, and His compassion. They are empowered and enlightened. They are enriched and finally transformed as new life is found and their lives are changed forever. They emerge with wings to fly and a new sense of freedom. This new sense of freedom comes about because of an acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and the joy of belonging to a caring, loving, Christ-centered community. With the power of the Holy Spirit, WATCH invites, encircles, enlightens, heals, enriches and transforms people to be what God would have them be: free, centered in His love and Spirit while soaring to new heights, and taking His message of love wherever they may go.

Help your parishioners to be empowered, enlightened , strengthened and transformed by introducing this powerful gift of transformation that our Lord has given to us to your own parish. WATCH will give your parishioners wings to soar to new heights.


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