watch-2011-16WATCH (We Are The Church) is a parish spiritual renewal weekend that was designed in 1987 by Deacon Don Efinger, a permanent Deacon at St. Thomas Catholic church in Peoria Heights, Illinois. The WATCH weekend presents an innovative, spirit-filled and unique approach to making the gospels, sacraments, church teaching, community and prayer come alive. It is designed to build spirituality, community, commitment and the fire of Christ’s love within the parish. A WATCH weekend offers a person time to investigate priorities and strengthen their relationship with Christ and with their fellow parishioners in a non-judgmental, peaceful and loving atmosphere.

Since its beginning WATCH has renewed parishes and church communities in over 85 parishes and churches in six states and in the country of Belize. In the last 25 years, hundreds of WATCH weekends have been held and thousands of people have experienced WATCH and participated on WATCH teams.

Deacon Don Efinger

Deacon Don Efinger discusses WATCH Program